Keith Rinzler

Keith Rinzler is an experienced marketing and media entrepreneur from Atlanta, GA.
Early in his career, Keith created an innovative joint venture with The Home Depot called, Recycling Depot which placed drive-thru recycling centers in front of Home Depot stores.

Later, he developed the concept of "Truckside Advertising." This idea came from his prior involvement with motor sports as a professional racecar driver, where he competed in such events as The Miami Grand Prix and 24 Hours of Daytona. With a Patent on an application system that he developed, Keith developed the business into a profitable, proven concern.

After a year and a half of operation, Keith's business, MediaVehiclesTM was purchased by GE CAPITAL, and he went on to become a private equity and real estate investor, with one of his interests being sold to a public company in a transaction valued at over $50 Million.

He has participated in the prestigious “Birthing of Giants” program at M. I. T., which, each year, accepts only 60 entrepreneurs from around the world out of thousands of applications, and requires a commitment to attending intensive annual gatherings designed to discuss and develop leading-edge business strategies through interaction with leading authors and CEO’s.

In addition to driving racecars, Keith is an adventurer who has explored the worlds longest underwater cave in the Yucatan Peninsula, completed a military counter-terrorism training course in Israel, and hiked 1800 miles of the Appalachian Trail.

Recently, he even put his business skills to use in the harsh environment of the Black Rock Desert, when he received a grant from Burning Man LLC, the organizers of the well-known art- festival to develop his “Feed the Artists” concept, which uses food as a catalyst for supporting the arts and creating community.

Keith has previously or currently serves on the Boards of The Organization for Rehabilitation through Training, The Jewish Federation of Greater Atlanta, Hillels of Georgia and The Greenfield Hebrew Academy. He and his family also complete projects for Why Serve?, a group that promotes community activities that can be performed by parents with their children. His interests include hiking the Appalachian Trail, with and without his family, live music, cave diving, Burning Man and perceptive travel.

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