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Marketing For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

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Small and medium-sized businesses don't always have the biggest marketing budgets or teams. But that doesn't mean you can't make an impact and create a fast growing company. This Learning Path covers areas from leadership, growing a business through understanding people, through to start-up retailing techniques and finishes up with an assortment of case studies so you can borrow, steal, imitate or simply be inspired by the tactics of other companies.

5 Lessons. 3.75 hrs

1: Finding Your Own Leadership Style In A World of Dated Paradigms

In a world built by previous generations, and based on dated paradigms, how can new leaders find their stride? We've experienced a much-needed influx of diversity—race, age, intellect—but what will that mean moving forwards? Hear from a group of senior industry leaders as they discuss what's left to do in order to set a new, more dynamic precedent for the leaders of the next generation.

2: Win Big with Launches

Whether it's a brand, product, feature, message or promotion, the way you enter the market matters. Successful launching now requires a new mentality from marketers. You must have the confidence to go big on your launch, or risk long-term failure. This session will unveil new research, discuss the elements every brand needs for a successful launch, and explore how launch best practices vary by brand and category - brought to life by new research and brands that activated successful launches using these winning strategies.

3: The Consumer’s Revolution: Growing a Business with People First

Today’s most successful brands have built their business by creating a community with their customers. Facebook’s Nada Stirratt sits down with trail-blazing leaders who have defined what it means to put people first – and build business as a result.

4: Reinventing Retail – How to Think Like DTC Startups

In today's retail environment, it may seem that only the digitally strong will survive, but online upstarts are proving physical retail is still part of a well-rounded customer experience. As they step into channels like brick and mortar and wholesale, these brands aim to deliver a holistic customer experience to their already digitally-connected following. In an ever-evolving landscape, DTC brands are reinventing the consumer journey, experimenting with customer service and retail concepts, both physically and digitally.

5: Is Marketing Excellence enough? Find out from Subway, MetLife & Gain Theory

In a world of uncertain growth in many sectors, marketing excellence is not a casual matter, nor a task for the faint of heart. Good marketing takes you through the short term, better marketing can put you above the rest, but excellent marketing can be the engine that drives long term sustainable growth. In this honest conversation, we will hear from three leading marketers who have defined their ‘Marketing Excellence’ - lived the battle, learnt the lessons and delivered real impact.

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