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Sports Marketing

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Inspired by what is known in the United States as the "Big Game", one of the largest sporting events in the world, it’s a great time to learn about sports marketing. Hear from industry leading experts on understanding how to appeal to fans, universal sports marketing topics such as how teams are utilizing social media, trends in bringing American football overseas and creating specialized content to increase fan engagement. While people are passing chips and guacamole and commenting on the big game's commercials, you can flex some newly learned sports marketing knowledge.

6 Lessons. 3.5 hrs

1: Sports Marketing

In a world of significant cord cutting, brands are pivoting their engagement tactics to capitalize on an array of attention-getting happenings, including spots events. Learn how innovative technology, new content platforms and interactive storytelling enhance the relationship between brands and sports fans.

2: Putting the Fan in the Driver's Seat

In an increasingly fragmented media environment, Twitter's recent major partnership announcements put the fan in the driver's seat of their content experience. From the PGA Tour to the NBA, MLB, and the MTV VMAs, it now takes just a simple Tweet for fans to choose their own adventure - to see custom content featuring their choice of player or entertainer. Hear from a trifecta of partners who seamlessly built relevance by connecting with massively popular events and topics on Twitter.

3: Touchdown for London: why US sports brands are investing in the capital

London’s flagship newsbrand, The Evening Standard, explores how with a growing fan base for US sports franchises such as the NFL, the capital continues to be seen as a gateway to wider European audiences – both for the sport itself and associated brands. Please join us at Advertising Week Europe to hear from the NFL and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club on their 10 year partnership, right before the opening of the highly anticipated Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which sits at the heart of the tie up.

4: The Urgent Power of Live Sports: Rallying Fans and Moving Pop Culture on the Road to Super Bowl LIV

FOX will facilitate a conversation on the power of live content and the benefits and attributes that it generates for the advertising community.

5: Reimagining Branded Content with Bleacher Report

According to July 2019 Shareablee Report Bleacher Report and House of Highlights combined for 8 of the 10 top branded content posts by publishers. This discussion will take a look at how the #1 sports media brand for millennial and Gen Z sports fans is leveraging its reach and unparalleled content creation team to reinvent the branded content space. It will take a look at its approach for Serge Ibaka’s popular culinary interview show: How Hungry Are You?

6: Sports Content on Snapchat

Learn how Snapchat works with major players in the sports world to provide content that complements live and televised coverage. This session includes takeaways from the 2018 Olympics, the World Cup and other significant sporting moments.

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