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The future of TV has never been more exciting. As data transforms the TV advertising industry and links ads across screens, marketers and agencies need to understand this fast changing area. Ampersand - formerly known as NCC Media - has been pioneering the power of collaboration in the TV world for more than 30 years and presents this essential learning path on the latest developments and thinking in this area. For more information, visit Ampersand or follow Ampersand on Twitter.

10 Lessons. 6.75 hrs

1: Beyond the Carriage Agreement

With the growth of the advanced TV ecosystem, the traditional relationship between programmers and distributors is changing. In this discussion, we'll examine the new ways these major players are working together to bring audience-based advertising to national TV inventory. Learn how programmers and distributors, together, are evolving the future of TV advertising.

2: Redefining Your TV Advertising Measurement Strategy for the Future

As the TV landscape continues to evolve in complexity, advertisers are tasked with assembling the right tools to measure the consumer experience seamlessly across channels. Explore how some of the world's largest brands are advancing their measurement practices in a way that is redefining what's possible in TV to deliver real business impact and what they are doing to prepare themselves for a future with TV fully integrated into the digital ecosystem.

3: TV + Attribution: A Modern Day Love Story

It’s all about attribution these days… and we’re not talking digital. TV has finally lent marketers an opportunity to measure multi screen ROI with new data sources and breakthrough ad technology. TV now offers media informed media planning as well as attribution and reporting, a benefit marketers have long been waiting for. This lesson will explore how TV finally made it to the finish line - and the significance of attribution on the ad industry as a whole.

4: Ask Me Anything: Not Your Typical Data Discussion

The convergence of TV and digital represents a monumental shift in the advertising ecosystem. At the center of this convergence is how advertisers identify, measure and understand households and consumers across the full array of addressable digital channels, including linear television, connected TV, digital and social.

5: Audience First: How to Start and End With Your Audience When Buying TV

The future you’ve been promised is finally here at scale…audience-based planning is now available for TV! The question for brand marketers and their agencies is: “How do I make the most of this?” In this lesson, we’ll cover everything you need to know to successfully integrate audience based-planning into your overall strategy. Don’t miss a live sneak peek of Ampersand's new audience-based planning platform using true viewership insights.

6: The TV Business Is a Data Business – Now Things Get Interesting

Today's technology has given viewers the ability to watch TV anywhere in the world, at any time. But while the evolution of TV has made it more convenient and easier to watch what you want, whenever you want, it's created challenges for advertisers hoping to better connect with people. Fortunately, TV advertising is evolving and getting smarter. Two leaders in the TV space, Experian and TIVO will discuss how their partnership allows them to use data more efficiently, identity their targets and measure the effectiveness.

7: Addressing Addressable: Best Practices in Advanced TV

Advanced TV advertising brings a new world of possibility to savvy marketers, but also added complexity. Especially when it comes to incorporating it into the traditional TV media plan. In this workshop, we’ll present a new, data-backed framework for planning, executing and measuring your addressable and advanced TV buys in full coordination with the rest of your TV spend.

8: The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide To New Multiscreen TV Solutions

If you’re a regional or national advertiser, it has likely been challenging to wade through a multitude of seemingly unconnected TV solutions; due primarily to a cacophony of product names, technical jargon and disparate data sets that you’re hearing from MVPDs. That is changing. In this session, learn how MVPDs are working together—led by Ampersand —to harmonize cable’s multiscreen TV offerings, bringing unprecedented scale to advertisers with rich targeting & measurement capabilities.

9: TV's Race to Performance: Crawl, Walk, Run

Tying TV performance to business outcomes is increasingly important for the entire advertising ecosystem - from brands and agencies to publishers and networks. While many of us consider each other "frenemies," we all want to change the market and preserve TV as a dominant, powerful marketing channel, across local and national and all forms of content delivery -- from linear to digital TV. In this panel, we’ll focus on how to take action and embrace proof of performance, transparency and optimization for TV advertising.

10: Connected TV: The Next Battleground For Ad Fraud

Latest forecasts show that ad spend on Connected TV services will exceed $42 billion by 2023, setting the stage for a new fraud battleground as bad actors chase these marketing investments. Next generation threats such as those on CTV require next generation technologies to ensure ad messaging is delivered to real people in the intended environments. Join the CEO of IAS, Lisa Utzschneider, NBCU, Verizon, and Turner to discuss how marketers can outsmart these emerging threats.

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