APAC 2019


Future Proof: Marketing Transformation In The 2020s

What does it mean to be part of 'team human'? Geoffrey Colin, Head of Microsoft Advertising Brand Studio at Microsoft explains why a mashup of critical thinking, art, coding, emotional intelligence, inclusiveness, questioning authority, self-learning, entrepreneurship, humanity and bursting the...

Building a Movement: a Campaign to Reverse Sydney's Lock Out Laws

Culture is vital for any brand. In 2014, the Government of New South Wales introduced a set of laws designed to address and reduce alcohol-related violence. Despite the best intentions, those lockout laws had a broader, more negative impact on the city than the government anticipated. They served...

Mona Museum And the Asymmetric Upside of Creativity

Robbie Brammall, Director of Marketing and Communication for the Museum of Old and New Art explains how the museum has transformed Hobart into a poster child for cultural tourism in Australia. Hear about the lessons learned from its unlikely success since launch in 2011, what ill-conceived plans...

The Diversity of Values in Australia: Understanding People's Different Priorities

This lesson offers a deep dive into understanding the motivation of diverse groups of people, whether employees or customers. It argues that understanding your team's values is so much more important than setting them a mission. Dr Uwana Evers, a leader in values setting at Pureprofile, discusses...

Difference Makes a Difference

There’s lots of good that needs doing in the world. But if that work is led by the same kinds of people – from the same backgrounds, living the same experiences – we’ll only ever solve issues for a very small cross section of our community. In this extended lesson, we hear from a collective...

Adventures With The 30 Hour Work Week

The modern world is fast, agile and flexible. Yet most workplaces demand people turn up to a fixed location nine-hours per day, five days a week. In a creative industry showing high levels of burnout, stress and depression, are these work methods really the best way forward? Martech...

The Attention Economy – Being Heard, Staying Heard

The CMOs of this world have had more competing voices (both brands and channels) in trying to get their brands out there. Consumers are ridiculously distracted and there’s no going back. What strategies can be deployed to really gain and retain consumers’ attention? Is it all about segmenting and...

Building Consumer Trust

Trust has never been a more valuable commodity for brands, media, institutions and governments. This debate covers the issues and insights into how it is won, lost, and rebuilt and why it must be nurtured to drive long-term growth. This lesson draws on the insights of those on the frontline of...

Media Planning: Beyond Byron, Binet and Bytes

If you follow the industry narrative, you’d be forgiven for thinking that media planning is simply a case of applying the works of Byron Sharp or Binet and Field, combined with some precisely-targeted programmatic activity. Mike Deane, Chief Strategy Officer at MediaCom lays out the guide to...

Burnout vs Resilience: a Personal Journey Towards a New Form of Leadership

What makes someone resilient? Why are some leaders loved and others...not so much? The advertising industry is plagued with burnout, making us all worse at our jobs. After an episode of burnout, Lucio Ribeiro embarked on a personal journey of discovery, taking him from Buddhist temples to the...

Safe Streaming - The Future of Child Focused Digital Advertising

This lesson will explore the children's focused digital advertising space including topics such as user privacy, existing legislation, emerging policies and the rapidly growing CTV child user segment. Daniel Riddell, CTO, at Kidoodle.TV lays out the market.

Winning In The Moment: Building a Performance Marketing Culture

Winning in the moment with today’s customers requires a completely different way of working, especially in retail. The traditional hierarchies of campaign-driven timelines and budgets hold brands back from building long-term value with their customers, while the fragmented landscape of platforms...
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The Fundamentals of Insight

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The Fundamentals of Programmatic

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The Fundamentals of Connected TV

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