The Streaming Revolution

How an Indonesian streamer is paving the way with premium live sports, originals and a vast library. We will discuss the strategy of Mola TV, how it's adapted and what it will do next! Mola TV is a premium video streaming service that combines a complete offering of entertainment content , ranging from premium live sports events, high quality local and foreign original programs, curated movies and fun learning children programming. Mola is available on web, mobile app, Android TV app and...

Global Keynote: The End of the Status Quo

Sir Martin Sorrell sits down with the FT's Angela Mackay to tackle the issues for brands, agencies and the economy today. The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated digital transformation and many companies are having to scramble to adapt to a new environment where all bets are off in terms of business as usual. Will new consumer behaviors stick around? How will the economy rebound globally and what does it mean for the Asia-Pacific region? Don't miss this analysis of what lies ahead.

Global Keynote: Disruption in a time of COVID

Mark Read, CEO of WPP joins Advertising Week's MD of global education Ruth Mortimer for a conversation about disruption. How will the pandemic impact our industry globally? What will happen as we go into a recovery? Mark Read tackles the big issues on the agenda of agencies and brands worldwide.

Global Keynote: Building Brand Resilience in Today’s World

As we enter unprecedented times, it has never been more critical for Brands to think of meaningful ways to connect with their community. The surge of people reaching out and connecting on our platform shows the human need to engage in a community especially during trying times. How brands show up to energize their communities and lean into creativity will be key to recovery. Jim Squires sits down with Loup CEO and Head Trainer to discuss how they have created new ways to inspire, tell...

Global Keynote: Building Brand by Customer Engagement

The consumer environment can change every second, and sometimes the unexpected happens. During these situations, brands are tested for their value and consumer loyalty. Due to the new Coronavirus pandemic, an increase in work-from-home practices and contact with digital content has accelerated digitization in society. Under such circumstances, how should brands and media interact with consumers? In this session, we will welcome Amazon Advertising Country Manager Shinji Tsukamoto and Ezaki...

Global Keynote: The Responsibility of Marketers

Global Keynote: The Responsibility of Marketers

Global Keynote: Why Talent Will Overcome

Michael Roth, CEO of IPG, has long talked of a diversity of talent within the network – now this will come into its own.

Workforce of the Future

COVID-19 has driven significant organizational shifts and has challenged leaders to think creatively about how to work together while apart. Join Facebook Vice Presidents Trista Handisides and Judy Toland for an intimate conversation about planning for a digital workforce - including key skills and tools that can help individuals pivoting in their careers, and businesses preparing to operate effectively in the future.

State of Emergency: Before, and After. How has user behavior changed?

How has user behavior changed before and after the state of emergency? Criteo Data Driven Marketing with current online purchasing behavior

The Future of AI

Bessie Lee, CEO of China-based startup incubator and early stage venture fund WithinLink reveals the impact on the martech sector and what she believes the future holds.

Closing the Gaps to Create an Equal Workplace

Despite all the advances we've made in gender equality, we're not moving forward quickly enough. In fact, many countries are moving backward. In this panel, we explore how to close the gaps and tackle gender inequality in the world, advance women in the workplace, and empower the next generation of change-makers.

Global Keynote: Marketing Trends Accelerated

Lubomira Rochet, chief digital officer of L'Oreal sits down with Stephan Loerke, chief executive of the World Federation of Advertisers to talk about the impact of the pandemic on the business and what has changed over the past few months for brands. Covering issues such as digital transformation, consumer behavior and ecommerce, Rochet claims the pandemic has simply accelerated existing trends and lays out how marketers can approach these areas.
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