Understanding the Tremendous Global Impact of Cannabis and Cannabinoids

By the year 2024, the cannabis and CBD markets are estimated to reach a value of $20 billion! Today, over 20 countries have already legalized medical marijuana and 64 million Americans have tried cannabidiol or CBD products. Ready or not, the cannabinoid and cannabis markets have officially exploded and will only continue to grow. Rob Dhoble, Managing Director of Havas ECS, explains this rapidly expanding and dynamic market, the massive gaps that exist in education and use, and what it means...

Cannabis, Hemp, and CBD: How Licensing Programs Can Turn Brands into Leaders

Drake Sutton-Shearer, CEO of Future State Brands, will discuss how the emergence of licensing can help to scale cannabis, hemp, and CBD brands globally. He is joined by Co-founder and Chairman, Michael Stone and President and CEO, Allison Ames of Beanstalk. Beanstalk is considered the premier global brand extension licensing agency, representing some of the leading brands in the world. Michael Stone was recently inducted into the Licensing Hall of Fame and is author of The Power of Licensing:...

Cannabis Retail and the CPG Industry

Cannabis retail has evolved from the traditional dispensary model to pop-up shops within mainstream retailers. Through new products and an experiential mindset, it has the potential to transform the mainstream retail industry.

Global Cannabis Marketing Opportunities

Marketing and advertising for THC brands are here to stay. The passing of the Farm Bill in 2018 has accelerated the already growing market for hemp-derived CBD, providing great opportunities but is coupled with interesting challenges that other CPG brands don't face.

Cannabis, Social Justice and Diversity

Cannabis legalization is creating significant business opportunities as the black market transitions into a regulated industry. Unfortunately, social injustice already exists in this emerging business.

Hello Cannabis, Hemp & CBD

An introduction to the global state of cannabis including the emergence of consumer branded products, mainstream marketing and the dominant opportunity in Europe.
Learning Path:

Conquering Cannabusiness

5 Lessons, 3 hrs
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