Power of Gratitude

Larry Rubin, Exec Chairman of Thnks, shares insight on the power of gratitude in the workplace and the importance of developing a company-wide culture of appreciation.

Creatively Promoting Your Agency: Crashing Cannes with #freedroga

This is the story of how an independent agency called Terri & Sandy crashed Cannes and captured the attention of the entire advertising world. All for only $20,000.

Evolution of Cross Media Measurement

Marketers are in need of more comprehensive, privacy-safe cross-media measurement. Increasing efficiency, reducing waste, and understanding effectiveness of media spend will facilitate better media planning, budget allocation and in-flight campaign optimization. Leading advertisers, publishers,...

How Brands are Using Live Streaming to Expand Their Audiences

When it comes to live streaming, brands have embraced the idea that you can offer audiences something of entertainment value and connect it to the brand in a more oblique way. As brands become increasingly savvy at utilizing live video, they are also beginning to ask themselves how to quantify...

Unlocking the Power of Addressability for All

The TV industry is on the verge of a game-changing advancement: full addressable capabilities on all 16 minutes of ad inventory within the live linear broadcast hour. By enabling more relevant advertising and interactivity on the smart TV glass, we have a golden opportunity to maximize the value...

Is Marketing Excellence enough? Find out from Subway, MetLife & Gain Theory

In a world of uncertain growth in many sectors, marketing excellence is not a casual matter, nor a task for the faint of heart. Good marketing takes you through the short term, better marketing can put you above the rest, but excellent marketing can be the engine that drives long term sustainable...

Turn Up the Volume

With the proliferation of platforms and varying content distribution strategies, just how much content should your brand produce? In this presentation, Gary will share his thoughts on content creation to garner maximum consumer attention.

Measurement on Demand

One of the longstanding industry challenges is to provide marketers the ability to run advertising effectiveness measurement at will, on demand. Instead, there is a material lag from when you commission the study to when you can read the campaign. Why is this material? Because, if your objective...

Interruption to Inspiration: Help customers decide with inspired advertising

The best ads do more than help customers decide what to buy. They help customers decide who to be. As our industry focuses on intent and the bottom of the funnel, we’re forgetting about the magic of deciding. Inspired ads can help people turn their dreams into decisions. Join Pinterest's Jon...

Disney + Pinterest: Bringing the magic back to commerce

Inspiration is at the heart of Disney and Pinterest. It’s also at the heart of the most effective ads in history. In this session, Pinterest and Disney Parks, Experiences & Products share how they’re helping customers get inspired—and how dreams are driving purchase decisions. Join us and find...

Your Ads Are Viewable, But Are They Memorable?

Understand the critical metrics that viewability alone doesn't measure. And uncover new ideas about visibility as a performance indicator as Kargo explores various digital platforms to understand which types of ad units capture visual attention in its latest research study, 'Viewability vs...

People, Data and Technology: The New Marketing Imperatives

The paradigm of People, Process and Technology has given way to Data. Data is one of the most valuable assets of every organization. As the data-driven apparatus around automated advertising and real-time targeting penetrates every aspect of media and marketing, the challenge is mastering the...
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