Jules Lund: Maestro of Influence

Jules Lund, founder of influencer marketing business Tribe, presents a masterclass in how to understand influencer marketing as it works right now. Whether it's understanding how to use your customers as your marketing department or incorporate microinfluencers' creative work into your brand campaigns, Lund presents everything you need to know right now about influencer marketing.

Evolving Influencer Marketing: Individual as Media

Social media is filled with the hashtag #ad, and now more than ever, consumers are growing sensitive to the credibility of information and their content relevance, where uninteresting online content simply becomes white noise and ignored. In an era where individuals are connected and play a role in media beyond boundaries of both online and offline platforms, how can brands maintain relevance in their messages and relationships with consumers? We will explore how “quantity over quality”...


Mike Schmidt, founder of walks us through the state of influencer marketing and where he thinks it’s all going. He will explore the current limitations holding back the industry and opportunities for brands, publishers, influencers and technology companies.

The Combination of Influence & Authenticity Makes a Winning Team

The most compelling influencer content inspires, connects and engages the audience in a genuine way. In an increasingly saturated media environment, how do brands effectively tap into the power of athletes, while maintaining brand authenticity? This powerhouse session, featuring leaders from all sides of the influencer marketing equation, explores what it takes to deliver athlete-driven content across a variety of platforms and build a successful brand and influencer partnership that wins the...

Influencer Marketing #trustissues

Influencer fraud is nothing new and a continuous battle for the industry, it undermines one of the core strengths of influencer marketing; as a whole brands can use it to tap into authentic, engaged audiences for their campaigns. Trust and clarity are the most important factors for influencer marketing. But how do we prevent this from breaking down? Adam Williams, CEO of Takumi will be revealing insights on how influencers, brands, and consumers all have trust issues with influencer...

Influencing Influencers: Getting Partners Onboard and Activating Them

Despite being a relatively new practice, Influencer Marketing has quickly scaled to become one of the most valuable assets in a modern marketing ecosystem. However, through this quick rise, working with influencers can be tricky as many are in high demand, the process can be daunting, and many roads are uncharted. Join this workshop to learn how to set yourself up for success when working with influencers, attract and hook partners, and see great influencer content come to life.

Going Beyond Instagram with Influencer Marketing: Featuring Grubhub

The Outloud Group leads influencer marketing strategy and campaigns for over 30 leading brands including Grubhub, Wix, and SimpliSafe. Succeeding in the space requires effort from the brand and a willingness to trust influencers, which means thinking beyond Instagram and micro-influencers. Joined by the Brand Manager of Grubhub, Outloud will walk through platform choice, micro vs. macro-influencers, and how to measure success. They'll also dive into research about unattributable traffic from...

The Creator Disruption: Redefining Influencer

Bob Greenberg (founder and Executive Chairman of R/GA) and Kay Hsu (Global Director, Instagram Creative Shop) in discussion with Whalar's CMO, Mike Hondorp.

The Future of Influencer

Jo Cronk, Whalar's North America MD, is joined on stage by three creators to discuss the new wave of creativity in influencer marketing and what the inclusion of ALL creative voices means for advertising now and in the future.

Makeup: Breaking the Barriers of Influence

Beauty guru, makeup expert and Founder & CEO of his own cosmetics line Lunar Beauty sits down to discuss the power and influence of makeup, and what he's learned so far. Leave with a unique point of view on the intersection of digital and business, and how influencers and brands can propel their success in the digital age.

Transparency and Measurement within Influencer Marketing - Time to Put the Fyre Out

The influencer landscape is changing, scandals such as the infamous Fyre Festival debacle have left a dirty mark on the topic of influencer strategy, while Instagram's recent decision to remove likes from posts has sparked a debate around how to measure success and where the industry is going next. With this changing landscape, how can advertisers achieve authentic engagement and how can we achieve success?

Influencer Marketing for Marketers who Hate Influencer Marketing

At Cannes 2018, Keith Weed, the world’s most influential marketer, cast doubt over the industry when he called for urgent action against Influencer fraud. So why then has the former Unilever CMO suddenly risked his reputation to invest in an Influencer Marketing platform? Join TRIBE Founder Jules Lund, and a global marketer for a dynamic, yet thought-provoking look at the recent breakthroughs of this nascent industry.
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