New York 2019


The Business of Audio, Today & Tomorrow

Between acquisitions, advertising influxes, VC investment, partnerships and interest from Hollywood, the business of digital audio alone has seen significant activity in the last year. And these changes have ripple effects across the distribution landscape and accessibility for consumers. What’s...

Make Your Brand Memorable: The Neuro-Science of Audio Messaging

In a time when people encounter roughly 5,000 brand messages every day and are becoming increasingly numb to many advertising tactics, it’s the marketer’s challenge to break through the noise and earn meaningful attention. What does neuroscience tell us about the way people process audio and...

A Brand Strategy, In Audio

Audio is thriving. On mobile, people spend more time with audio than any other media including social (eMarketer), and in the last five years, people have increased their daily use of spoken word audio specifically by 12% (Edison Research/NPR). What’s more, technology is enabling opportunities to...

The Voice Shift

Voice-activated technology is already changing consumer behavior and media consumption patterns, and is poised to continue doing so. How does the shift to voice differ from the shift to mobile? And how is voice changing the consumer and the marketer relationship to audio?

The State of Listening, 2019

How does audio fit into larger trends happening across the media landscape today? Drawing on the latest data from Edison Research, including findings from a new Spoken Word Audio Study conducted with NPR, Tom Webster explains how – and where – consumers are engaging with audio, and what factors...

Power of Gratitude

Larry Rubin, Exec Chairman of Thnks, shares insight on the power of gratitude in the workplace and the importance of developing a company-wide culture of appreciation.

A Marketer’s Guide to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)

The CCPA gives California consumers new rights over their data, but it's causing challenges for marketers. How should marketers prepare for rights to request, delete and opt-out of the sale of personal information? How can marketers comply with privacy laws while remaining customer-centric and...

In Search of the Humble Brand

Marketers are beginning to realize that humility isn't a weakness, in many cases it's a strength. How can brands deliver on today's objectives while deepening their client relationships through humble actions? Steve Nottingham, SVP of Strategic Brand Solutions at WSJ Barron's Group would like to...

Using Artificial Intelligence To Discover Undiagnosed Patients

Discover how we apply Artificial Intelligence techniques to find those patients who are suffering in silence now and will be afflicted in the future.

Privacy and Digital Marketing: Five Predictions for 2020

With consumer privacy concerns rising and regulation on the horizon, companies cannot afford marketing missteps or mishaps when it comes to serving their customers. Join eMarketer principal analyst Lauren Fisher as she shares her predictions for how privacy will alter the digital advertising...

Vudu: We Do Better Free TV

At Vudu, we’re doing better free TV, no plus required. Julian Franco, Vudu’s head of AVOD will show off some of the new content coming to Vudu and how we’re delivering a better Free TV experience to advertisers and viewers.

A Woman's Guide to Dismantling Corporate Norms

We live in an evolving business world where gender roles are being challenged and equality is demanded. In this Discover Talk, you will learn the steps, Karina Vasquez, professor and marketing consultant takes to provoke change in corporate America.
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Conquering Cannabusiness

5 Lessons, 3 hrs
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Sports Marketing

6 Lessons, 3.5 hrs
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Parenting and Work: Successful Strategies

5 Lessons, 3 hrs
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Marketing For Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

5 Lessons, 3.75 hrs
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Cyber Monday: A Marketer's Guide to Retail Trends

6 Lessons, 3.5 hrs
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The Future of TV presented by Ampersand

10 Lessons, 6.75 hrs
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