AWNY Highlights 2019

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The Disney portfolio comes to life through the voices of the writers, personalities, talent and storytellers that create the magic everyday and connect authentically with our consumers on a personal level.
Mike Greenberg Host, Get Up!
Enes Kanter NBA Player
Boston Celtics
Dominique Jackson Actress, Pose
Cory Richards Photographer/Climber
National Geographics
Josann McGibbon Screenwriter
Disney, Descendants

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The Disney portfolio comes to life through the voices of the writers, personalities, talent and storytellers that create the magic everyday and connect authentically with our consumers on a personal level.


2: New Era, New Age....

Listen in as S4 Capital’s leadership team reveal their ideals and plans for the new holding company.


3: Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About: Building Brand Experiences that Matter

Brands, stop kidding yourself - it’s not about you - consumers do not want your annoying ads. They want you to stand for something THEY care about and to give them something they can talk about. To thrive into the next decade brand innovation is a must. Inclusion, immersion and experience are the takeaways, but not standalone. Building and maintaining a future-proof brand requires new marketing methods and models, where experience is the new reach and engagement metric, and deep-rooted...


4: Twitch Esport Summit

With viewership and popularity soaring to record-breaking heights, esports is capturing the attention of global brands interested in reaching Millennials and GenZ – a new generation of consumers who are increasingly hard to reach. Katrina Palanca, Director of Sponsorship Operations at Twitch, sits down with Steve Arhancet, Co-CEO and Owner of Team Liquid, to discuss how brands can seize the opportunity to connect with a massive esports audience, what fans expect from sponsors and why esports...


5: Calling All Cord Cutters

TV viewing behaviors have evolved faster than predicted as consumers demand control over what they watch, when they watch and how they watch. Hear what trends are emerging and how advertisers can be most effective.


6: The Art of the Turnaround: The Chipotle Story

For 20 years, Chipotle was a pioneer in the Fast Casual dining industry, experiencing rapid growth and intense customer loyalty. In recent years, however, the brand faced a number of significant challenges from food safety issues, to a lack of innovation and cultural relevance. Hear from Chipotle's CMO and agency partner Venables Bell & Partners on their amazing brand turnaround, and the things you need to do in order to get your brand back on track and unlock game-changing new potential.


7: How Do You Stand Out From the Crowd?

Fragmentation of the media landscape has created a rift in consumers' consumption habits -- where consumers' attention is no longer owed but in fact must be earned. In today's attention economy it takes nothing short of thumb-stopping creative to break through the clutter.


8: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. But Do It

In the world of today, standing out is not just a nice-to-have but the only way to survive. Through a series of award-winning case studies, Burger King will share some of the principles on how to develop work that truly stands out and how that creates value for the brand and the business.


9: Measuring Brand Purpose

The demand for companies to demonstrate their social, environmental and economic contribution has never been greater. If the link between purpose and performance has been asserted, though, why is there a lack of measurement in this area? And how can marketers maximize and measure their position? Join us, as we examine how brands can move from making an impression to making a difference.


10: Corporations & Compassion: A Discussion on Masculinity

The concept of masculinity is a changing dynamic in today's culture, where brands and companies are responding by focusing on a spectrum of what it means to be a man as well as men's mental health and wellbeing, both in terms of marketing and their social impact.

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