Advertising Week has partnered with FutureLearn, the world's premier education platform to bring you five courses in core areas of marketing. These courses are premium upgrades on our AWLearn subscription. Each course lasts for two weeks with videos, articles, quizzes and exercises providing a multimedia learning experience. Join 14 million other learners on FutureLearn to take our courses together and share your knowledge.

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Introduction to Marketing Strategy
Learn how to run strategic marketing campaigns and measure their success. Led by experts at Advertising Week, this course will help you get to grips with the discipline and planning that should be undertaken before creating and running strategic marketing campaigns. Understanding the core components of strategic marketing is vital for any career marketer. As only 25% of working marketers have a marketing degree, online learning is a great way to upskill.

Introduction to Strategic Brand Management
Learn how to build a strategic and memorable brand identity and vision. This course will develop your understanding of the discipline and planning that goes into brand management and the basic principles that underpin brand strategy.

Introduction to Content Marketing
Learn how to create a strategic content marketing plan. This course will develop your understanding of the planning and practice of content creation for marketing purposes. We’ve all heard content is king, but how do you create content that succeeds and aligns with your wider marketing goals?
Introduction to Audio Marketing
Run audio content marketing campaigns that align with your marketing goals This course will help you get to grips with the audio marketing planning skills and tools you need, to create and run marketing campaigns on radio or podcasts. You will also learn about other emerging areas of audio marketing such as smart speakers and sonic branding. Hear from real-life marketers at brands such as Mastercard and Spotify.
Introduction to Social Media Marketing
Learn how to plan, run, and analyse a social media marketing campaign. This course will help you build in-demand skills in the process and planning of social media marketing. As only 25% of working marketers hold a marketing degree, online marketing training is a vital way for career-focused marketers to upskill in the latest marketing techniques.


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