Client Direct: Learnings and Insights from the In-Housing Media Movement

Seventy-eight percent of marketers have built an internal agency (either for Media, Creative or both), according to the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) in the US in 2018. This is a rise from 58% in 2013 and from 42% in 2008.

The pandemic is believed to have accelerated this shift even more. So what insights and learnings can brands gain from some of the industry’s most successful in-house digital media directors?

Join Advertising Week in partnership with Kargo for an exclusive live learning series featuring Kargo CEO Harry Kargman in conversation with the industry leaders who have brought their media buying in-house.

Roundtable Takeaways:
- What is the future of media in-housing?
- What are the operational challenges and learnings from this process?
- What does success look like for an in-house media team?
- What are the tools, capabilities and best practices today?

Featured Speakers

Harry Kargman Founder and CEO
Christian Rohlfing Operations Director
Anheuser-Busch InBev
Chris Paul Executive Director
Eric Gregoire SVP Digital
Ruth Mortimer Managing Director, Global Education
Advertising Week
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