Stocking the Cabinet

In the first two weeks of the pandemic lock-down, when stores everywhere closed, something surprising happened. Total US CPG sales increased by $8.5 billion from the prior two-week period. (How much of those sales were toilet paper?)

That was just the start of a new wave of consumer behaviors turning the CPG business on its head. Now, as every day brings new changes around everything from demand to delivery, CPG leaders are restructuring customer experiences in real time and creating strategies to accelerate their growth.

Advertising Week and Kargo invite you to join in this digital roundtable examining consumer business in the time of Coronavirus. In our look at the CPG industry, Kargo CRO Johnny Horgan will host the leaders who are making the most of our “new normal”.

Roundtable Takeaways:

- Covid has been an accelerant of change. Learn more about the CPG trends that were inevitable, but have come to fruition faster due to COVID.
- Hear how brands are finding new ways to enhance customer experiences as more behavior moves online.
- Learn about the data and insights that are driving new strategies for the CPG category when the future is uncertain

Featured Speakers

Johnny Horgan Chief Revenue Officer
Linda Bethea Head of Marketing
Alex Birchmeier Media Director
Brad Feinberg NA VP of Media and Consumer Engagement
Molson Coors
Marissa Solis Sr. Vice President- Core Brands, Partnerships and Media
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