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Relive the excitement of Advertising Week

AWEurope returns to London on March 20-24, 2017.

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Snoopy gets the boot, Hillary (quite literally) makes Donald pay up for his hateful words, Uber heckled drivers with flying ads, fans accessed secret filters during Fox’s Rocky Horror Show premiere, and Canadians think America is already great… (sorry, Trump.) Read below for...
You know the saying “fail fast”? It’s a mentality that sums up why forward-looking companies today are shifting to a prototyping approach for creating products. There’s plenty of practical reasons prototyping is cited as a superior way of working. Among them: the...
Some say that being part of a startup is one of the most challenging yet rewarding things you can do. The opportunity to create something from nothing definitely has its draws. Typically, the startup is formed from a small group of likeminded individuals, who complement each other well and...
I still remember the feeling when I first picked up a spray can. It was a sense of excitement, limitless possibility and the opportunity for pure artistic expression. The world, literally, was my canvas. Back then I thought the “corporate” world was the antithesis of...
In the early days of the World Wide Web, renowned investor Jim Clark famously coined the term “the new new thing” (memorialized in Michael Lewis’ book of said title) to refer to his search for the idea that would represent the next prime investment opportunity. The Silicon...
While Pinterest has been whispering about their 150 Million Monthly Active user count since Advertising Week, yesterday marked the first official announcement of their milestone increase in users since 2015. Their latest product releases—including an innovative new mobile image...
Before the onset of technology, media planners had it easy. A few phone calls, a few million dollars, and the buy was done. We all saw Mad Men – those were the good old days. Today is a different story.  A media planners job is far more complicated today than it was on Madison...
As politicians debate the consequences of a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ Brexit, the implications from this historic move are unavoidable. The pound has hit the lowest levels in three decades and uncertainty is prolific. However, for those looking towards the UK, a weak pound makes...
With the flurry of Advertising Week 2016 now safely in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to reflect on what to make of the mash-up of creativity that poured out of the week’s sessions. One of the most interesting trends I noticed was the realignment to place consumers and their content...