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Advertising Week returns to New York, September 26-30, 2016
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2016 Sept 26 - 30 NYC

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Save the date - Sept 26 - 30, 2016.

Look back at highlights from 2016.

Look back at highlights from 2016.

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It’s remarkable how much brands and consumers are alike in terms of their approaches to social media.  They both are prone to self-exaggeration insofar as their lives and businesses shine in ways that may not actually tell the truth or at least the whole story. It is a form of...
...and the Pitfalls of Using Stereotypes to Market to Millennials Perhaps you have noticed a recent proliferation of slash usage among young professionals describing what they “do.” In response to this phenomenon, the term “slashies” has arisen in the marketing...
Being a global company really conjures up some impressive images in the mind’s eye. Just think of giant global beasts like WPP. At the last count, they had 194,000 employees across 300 offices in 112 countries. No doubt, they have already added to this agency stash whilst we were all...
After spending several years of my career immersed in agency life, I felt it was time to step away to meet new people, see new places and gain a new perspective on life. I chose to spend a year in a van traveling across the U.S., teaming up outdoor retailers and brands along the way. After...
The last month in Britain can only be described as a political rollercoaster. The deep uncertainty sparked by the Brexit vote has had a huge impact on the public’s confidence in politics – and in politicians. Politicians have obviously been generating some very strong sentiments...
Email is not dead. Its purported death seems to be a recurring theme over the years, usually based on some new innovation of the time, such as Facebook’s roll-out of member email or the rise of the millennial consumer, who some claim doesn’t use email. There is always some...
Social media enables unprecedented and direct consumer-brand interaction, meaning that a brand’s responsiveness and accountability to current events is expected—in fact, it’s almost a requirement, and can be a part of a smart social strategy. But, are brands obligated to...
In an early episode of Mad Men , Don Draper spars with a researcher about the value of the customer insights she’d collected. Don argued that creatives need to show the future, not the past, and that data couldn’t show a brand where to go. Marketing has evolved a lot over the...
As consumers, it's no shock that celebrities are paid to endorse products. They can feature in a perfume ad, turn up at a product launch, or provide the voiceover for a box of cereal – and no one is under the impression that they did that just because they fancied it. The rules...