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Advertising Week returns to New York, September 26-30, 2016
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2016 Sept 26 - 30 NYC

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Save the date - Sept 26 - 30, 2016.

Look back at highlights from 2016.

Look back at highlights from 2016.

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In 2005, Steve Jobs stood in front of a captive audience of students at Stanford University and told them to “Stay hungry. Stay foolish”. I like this quote. I’ve heard it again and again. I’ve heard it cited in meetings, and pitches. I’ve seen it held up as an...
In today’s world, experiences are a form of social currency. The more diverse and varied our experiences, the culturally wealthier we become. Whether it’s being the first to see a trending Snapchat, shop the latest pop-up or attend an exclusive underground event, curating these...
Pokémon GO has quickly become the most used mobile game in history. With a simple, yet revolutionary concept, it has taken the world by storm. However, what’s interesting about the rise of Pokèmon GO is not necessarily the game itself or the hype it has created, but how it...
Today's consumer is self-aware and expects some level of personalization in all their online endeavors, and as  Marketing Dive  reports, 71 percent of consumers like to see personalized ads that speak to their interests and online behavior. Between website cookies, social media...
Nobody’s perfect. What’s true of people is equally true of brands. Despite this, it is natural for brands and brand managers to try to whitewash their reputations; to brush any negativity under the carpet; to perpetuate the idea that their brand always acts with impunity and...
Due to the expanding social environment and the opportunity for all to participate in conversation, a lot is expected of brands these days. Not just in quality but in conversations and point of view on current events or even pop culture. In a world where participation happens with a few clicks...
Women have always been marketing´s prized audience. Today it´s especially the millennial woman – born roughly between 1980 and 2000 – that offers a promising, yet challenging, new land. She has more power, more money and a better education than her predecessors....
In the second installment of our look back at the mascots of the Olympic Games, we’re making the 1990s a separate decade all of their own, as mascots took a turn for the abstract and included more pairings (and trios!) than ever before. Come along with us for a look at 10 years worth of...
We marketers know that location-based marketing is big—so big that, as  GeoMarketing  notes, industry experts suggest the space will grow to $18.2 billion in advertising revenue by 2019. The very name “location-based marketing” would lead anyone to conclude that...