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Relive the excitement of Advertising Week

AWEurope returns to London on March 20-24, 2017.

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He once cheated death… And death was perfectly okay with it. The newest Most Interesting Man in the World has arrived with a bang. Formerly portrayed by actor Jonathan Goldsmith (last seen jet setting off to the moon), the latest incarnation of the Dos Equis spokesperson is played by...
While B2B brands may observe the success of Broad City Emojis and see how Red Bull can dominate on Snapchat , they struggle to see the takeaways that can help them communicate their own brand value to the new class of millennial business decision makers. One place to start taking cues is...
Humans evolved to retain visually communicated information Humans are visual species. The first sign of sophisticated human intelligence dates back 40,000 years to cave drawings discovered all over the world. The intricate depictions of historical and future events demonstrated initial...
Scene: It’s 2017, and your CEO calls you in. She asks about your market segmentation—you have five personas, based on demographic data. Then she hands you a report from the data scientist. He’s identified nine distinct segments, based on purchase intent and customer behavior,...
Project for project big agencies crush the small ones right? Not quite.  But they get the bigger brands? No, wrong again. There’s a library of articles strewn across the Internet of plucky boutiques claiming they create better work.  Agile or mighty is just the start;...
“You’re going to a conference for young creatives in Las Vegas.” That was about all we knew before going into our week at Creative LIAisons. We didn’t even know each other. But that information alone was enough to set some expectations. A room full of young...
“They’re Gr-r-reat!” “I’m cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!” “They’re after me Lucky Charms!” “Can’t get enough of Super Golden Crisp!” Try to think of a cereal spokescharacter who isn’t insanely...
Snoopy gets the boot, Hillary (quite literally) makes Donald pay up for his hateful words, Uber heckled drivers with flying ads, fans accessed secret filters during Fox’s Rocky Horror Show premiere, and Canadians think America is already great… (sorry, Trump.) Read below for...
You know the saying “fail fast”? It’s a mentality that sums up why forward-looking companies today are shifting to a prototyping approach for creating products. There’s plenty of practical reasons prototyping is cited as a superior way of working. Among them: the...