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There’s a quickly growing field of science called ‘computer vision’ that you may not have heard of, but which has the potential to transform everyday life as we know it. Computer vision is basically the visual branch of artificial intelligence and involves computers that...
“Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, Oh What a Relief It Is!” Before he was Speedy, Alka-Seltzer’s infamous baby-faced brand mascot was named Sparky. Sketched by Bob Watkins at Chicago’s Wade Agency in 1951, Sparky became “Speedy” with his trademark Alka-Seltzer...
Connecting with people is embedded into human nature. Today, the shifting media landscape with its rise of new technologies has amplified this custom by empowering the individual. Social media has allowed for real-time connections to be made between people who are miles apart. Ad blockers and...
As a longtime Pillsbury Doughboy aficionado, nothing piques my curiosity or excitement quite like discovering more members of the pastry mascot family tree. I couldn’t be more excited to write about Janet, the mascot for the British pastry manufacturer Jus-Rol , who has a cute backstory...
The growth in the quantity of video being watched on social platforms like Facebook and YouTube via smartphones and tablets was a theme much discussed at Advertising Week Europe last week. The sharp increase in multi-screen viewing via digital native platforms is undeniable, but the growth...
Advertising Week Europe saw a diverse meeting of minds and opinions in sessions exploring subjects of real importance to the media and advertising industries. However for those in other commercial sectors tasked with driving growth, what were the lessons?  There were calls for leaders to...
A while back a colleague asked me “What do you think the future holds for our beloved medium, television? And what will this mean for brands?” It made me shiver for a second. Where to start? What factors to address? OTT , mobile viewing, on-demand content providers, rights-owners...
In the past years, digital creative work from Amsterdam has been on a winning streak at the many international award shows - every year its award-share increases. There are many reasons for this trend – such as the fast and dense broadband infrastructure and a profound design tradition...
Imagery can be a powerful tool for evoking emotion. We can easily call to mind the photographs that have moved or confronted us. From the heart-breaking images documenting the tragic death of Aylan Kurdi, the young Syrian boy who drowned last autumn trying to reach Greece, to images of the...