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The Mobile C-Suite Register
Monday · 9:00 AM · Times Center Hall

After years of promise, mobile has arrived and is driving brand strategy and consumer connectivity and engagement. A gathering of mobile leaders on emerging trends and where mobile is heading in the year ahead.

Brian Morrissey
Megan Clarken
James Connelly
Tim Dunn
Josh Engroff
Jon Hook
Carrie Seifer
Reaching the Ever Connected Consumer in Mobile Register
Monday · 9:45 AM · Times Center Hall

The era of mobile has arrived. As consumers increasingly become “mobile first” with their media consumption, traditional digital media companies have had to evolve.

In this panel presentation, Verizon and leading members of the ad tech community will speak about how they view the new mobile era, give specific examples of companies and campaigns that have figured it out, and provide actionable advice for brands and agencies about how to effectively advertise.

Kyle West
Jay Askinasi
Mark Balabanian
Omar Tawakol
Mobile Advertising Goes Native Register
Monday · 10:30 AM · Times Center Hall

More and more brands are awakening to the promise of reaching audiences on their mobile devices with native ad inventory. But how can brands buy this highly customized mobile advertising at scale?

Gregory R. Raifman
Ron Amram
Joe Prusz
Stephanie Sarofian
Emily Allen
Masters of Monetization: Mobile Register
Monday · 11:30 AM · Times Center Hall

Leading practitioners on the front lines discuss ROI in the burgeoning mobile ecosystem.

Romy Newman
Djamel Agaoua
Bill Blummer
Monica Ho
Colin Jeavons
Alex Linde
Why Winning in Mobile is About Behavior, Not Technology Register
Monday · 12:15 PM · Times Center Hall

In partnership with Google, leading advertisers have discovered that treating mobile as a behavior first, and a technology second, is the way to win. Join top marketers alongside Google's Human Insights lead and Mobile Product Managers to learn how this way of thinking could change the way you do your marketing.

Matt Lawson
Laura Adams
Casey Carey
Rachel Pasqua
Serena Potter
Douglas Rushkoff
The New Reality: How an Increasingly Mobile Consumer is Impacting Today’s Ecommerce Marketer Register
Monday · 1:15 PM · Times Center Hall

We’ll speak with CMOs representing some of the largest and most innovative online and multichannel retailers, as well as leading publishers, to understand how the growing presence of mobile devices throughout the purchase process is impacting investments aimed at driving online and offline commerce.

Chris Taylor
Jason Morse
Anthony Ha
Will Margiloff
Steve Jacobs
Arel Lidow
Where the Cookie Crumbles: Solving the Cross-Device Problem Register
Monday · 2:00 PM · Times Center Hall

Consumers today are spending more time across more devices than ever before. According to a recent study, 1 in 4 people use 3 devices every day and 2 out of 5 people switch devices mid-activity. This poses a serious problem to marketers who are trying to reach people at every point in the purchase funnel, because cookies – the entrenched tracking tool since the inception of the Internet – simply don’t work on mobile. This panel will focus on how marketers, agencies and ad technology companies are working to solve this problem today. More importantly, the discussion will surface implications that the entire industry needs to address for the future.

Erik Johnson
Adam Gitlin
Scott Russell
Wister Walcott
David Wong
The New Mobile Metric Register
Monday · 2:45 PM · Times Center Hall

Mobile pioneers discuss how advances in technology are creating new opportunities for revenue and engagement.

Lauren Johnson
John Ferraro
Mark Ghermezian
Harry Kargman
Jason Morse
Rujul Patel
Jeremy Steinberg
Bridging Mobile Commerce and Retail: Shopper First, Phone Second Register
Monday · 3:45 PM · Times Center Hall

Mobile usage across numerous retail touchpoints continues to gain popularity, and though most shoppers find the idea of using their phone while shopping appealing, many have yet to adopt it or lack interest beyond price checking. While technology should never lead mobile campaigns, it does help personalize it. This panel will go over how the shopper is interacting with their phone before, during and after shopping, discuss technologies being used to bridge mobile and retail, and show examples of what is and isn’t working.

Naushad Huda
Sanjiv Goyal
Gustav Hoffman
Morgan McAlenney
Jill Anderson
Cross Screen Summit Register
Monday · 4:30 PM · Times Center Hall

Today’s consumer engages with content across all screens. Content is expected anytime, anywhere without exception. Traditional consumption habits have completely gone by the way side. This deep dive into Cross Screen consumption reveals the opportunities for marketers who can deliver solutions across all screens.

Alvin Bowles
Sarah Baehr
Randall Beard
Adam Berke
Rahul Chopra
Esther Franklin
Manuel Garcia-Garcia, Ph.D
Joan Gillman
Greg Grimmer
Damon Wayans
Gary Yentin
AW Connects: Waze Register
Monday · 6:00 PM · Times Center Hall

Advertising Week’s official nightly Delegate networking event live from the Advertising Week Experience.

Open to all Delegates & Super Delegates

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