What is AWLearn?

AWLearn is Advertising Week’s year-round, video-on-demand continuing education program, which combines the best moments and the brightest minds from the global stages of Advertising Week.


How it Works

Our curated collections of chapter-based learn videos topically organized into Smart Tracks and Courses provide discovery paths to our best in class thought leadership, latest industry trends, and indispensable knowledge to super-charge your career growth and professional development.


Who's it for?

Designed for for advertising execs, entrepreneurs, creative team leaders, and all levels of advertising professionals.


What's the benefit?

AWLearn reflects Advertising Week’s thought leadership program and is designed to give professionals at any level career enhancing insights, deep-dives into the industry’s most important topics and actionable learnings to bring back to the office.


Why AWLearn?

Year-round bespoke programming, a proprietary AI driven trend analysis tool, and real-time feedback from Advertising Week attendees across the globe ensures that AWLearn’s regular content refresh reflects the most in-demand topics, highest quality speakers, and addresses the most pressing skill development needs.

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