AWLearn is Advertising Week’s global, year-round, video education program. Our global events bring together the brightest minds in the marketing & advertising industry; we now provide our content direct to you & your teams as structured learning journeys that can be experienced in your own time.


AWLearn is designed for anyone who needs to keep up to speed with advertising and marketing, both at the cutting edge and on a day-to-day level. Our mix of strategic and practical content means Learn is suitable for everyone because you choose your own learning experience. It's particularly relevant for marketing teams, agency teams, entrepreneurs, creative team leaders and all levels of marketing and advertising professionals.


AWLearn reflects Advertising Week’s global thought leadership program. This means it captures global trends and case studies showing the work of the world's best brands, businesses and agencies but it's also relevant for every region. Unlike other learning platforms, our combined global and local approach means that you can learn what works from the world's best, yet see case studies and tutors from brands and agencies in your region. AWLearn is designed to give professionals a mix of insights and actionable learnings.


Year-round bespoke programming, curators choosing our best content and real-time feedback from Advertising Week live attendees across the globe ensures that AWLearn’s regular content reflects the most in-demand topics, highest quality speakers and addresses the most pressing skill development needs.


Our curated collections of videos are topically organized into Learning Paths to provide an easy way to discover our best-in-class thought leadership, latest industry trends and the indispensable knowledge to super-charge your career growth and professional development.

Learning Path:

The Fundamentals of Programmatic

4 Lessons, 2.25 hrs
Programmatic advertising has become the norm. But how do you use it strategically and fulfil the potential of your campaigns? This Learning Path takes you through how to use data to make decisions, looks at important issues of data ethics and integrity, highlights the benefits and perils of location based data and making smart choices based on data. Whether you're a beginner in the world of programmatic or want to understand how to apply new thinking to your organization, this is for you.
Learning Path:

The Fundamentals of Connected TV

5 Lessons, 2.75 hrs
Cord-cutting and time shifted TV viewing has left advertisers scratching their heads over fragmenting audiences across multiple platforms. What is happening in the market and what's the future? In this Learning Path, we bring together everything you need to know about where it’s going next in a range of discussions ranging from TV to connected devices.
Learning Path:

The Fundamentals of Blockchain

4 Lessons, 2 hrs
Blockchain, Bitcoin, Distributed Ledger....what does it all mean? And more importantly, why does it matter? Starting with explaining blockchain, we follow up by demystifying what it means and how it is used, before looking at the supply chain for the industry. This Learning Path features a wide range of experience and opinions about this topic, while busting some of the most common myths and incorrect assumptions about the way that both the technology and its applications work.